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We shall take appropriate measures to safeguard the personal data we gather and guarantee its accuracy, completeness, and timeliness.
Your data is stored on safe servers. Best online casino Canada In addition, we might keep hard copies or paper files, telephone records, and hard copy data.
All of our contractors, agents, and employees are expected to keep all personal information private.
It is your responsibility to make sure that your password, username, and account information are kept private. Top-rated casino Canada You should notify Us right away if you think that your information may no longer be private. At that point, we might provide you with additional information.
You are in charge of your own computer's or device's access and security. Make sure you always exit the website or app by logging out of your account.
We are aware of the value of security and the methods required to protect data. All of the Personal Information that we get directly from you is kept safe in a protected database that is housed inside our safe network and is protected by up-to-date firewall software. Most popular casino Canada Additionally, we do not handle or keep credit card credentials. At the very least, TLS 1.2 is supported by our services; however, TLS 1.3 with 256-bit encryption is the most common. Additionally supported protocols are QUIC and HTTP/2.
We make a good faith effort to guarantee that the personal data we gather about you is true, current, and comprehensive. Top online gambling site Canada Additionally, we take appropriate measures to guarantee that the personal data we use and reveal is true, current, comprehensive, and pertinent.
We shall take reasonable action to update your personal information if we determine that it needs to be updated. This may involve getting in touch with you to get the most recent version of the information.

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